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DUI Hit And Run

DUI is a serious crime and when you layer in a hit and run, the consequences are far worse. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you could be facing a felony charge. For example, if a person sustained serious injuries or was killed, you could be convicted of a felony, which carries harsher penalties and prison sentences. In cases that involve a DUI hit and run, you will be facing multiple offenses including DUI, hit and run, bodily injury (or vehicular homicide if a person was killed) and reckless driving.

Possible Defenses For DUI Hit And Run

Traced as far back as the Stone Age, humans and animals are biologically wired for self preservation. This natural survival mechanism often kicks in when a person experiences danger. In fact, the nervous system includes catecholamine hormones, which allow a person to flee from a traumatic or extremely stressful experience, such as a DUI hit and run.

Even if a person is not at fault for an accident, they may choose to flee during a DUI accident for fear of the aftermath. There are cases where an innocent person is standing trial for a DUI hit and run. It happens, probably more often than people realize.

The job of a DUI defense attorney is to uncover any facts that may allow for an acquittal or dismissal of the entire case. For example, if the police did not read you your Miranda rights or there was a lack of probable cause, your attorney may be able to have some (or all) of the evidence thrown out of court. Other defenses may include illegal search and seizure or improperly conducting a BAC or field sobriety test.

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